Ellis’s experience with Medical weight loss with injections

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In this post, our client Ellis talks about her experience with losing weight with injections.

Effortlessly 5 Kilo in 4 weeks

My name is Ellis and I started the medical weight loss treatment with injections at The Body Clinic in July and I effortlessly lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks!

For 2 years I have been trying to lose my stubborn pregnancy kilos. When I read about losing weight through injections, I did extensive research and decided that I would make one last attempt. Doctor Nicole Nijman of The Body Clinic guides me in this process. During the intake she immediately put me at ease and explained clearly what treatment does and how the process would go. She also took the time to explain how the injection pen works. This was followed by a conversation with nutritionist Annelieke. I now had all the ammunition to make this latest effort to shed pounds a success.

Losing weight with injections forces you to make healthy choices

I am now 4 weeks further and I have already lost the necessary centimeters and I am much better in my skin. The medication really does what it promises: it takes away your hunger pangs and makes you feel full faster. When you eat too fat or too much, you immediately get a signal from your body that you are not doing well. Another nice side effect is that the appetite for bad food has virtually disappeared. The nice thing about this way of losing weight is that I can still drink a glass of wine and eat a bitterbal, but that keeping size is suddenly very easy for me. Where I used to eat a whole bag of chips, I am now really satisfied after 1 small hand. The balance has been restored and that is exactly what I needed.

When I saw the calorie restrictions during the intake, I thought it would be very difficult, but the opposite is true: I sometimes have to force myself to eat enough. It is very important to make healthy choices, because the flame must continue to burn. With a busy job and a child of 2.5 years it is important to have enough energy. Fortunately, I now effortlessly opt for a healthy salad.

Slight side effects in the first week

The first week I suffered from minor side effects. I noticed that my body had to get used to it. I took the time that week to see what works for me: what is a good time of the day to administer the drug and what are the right portions. I also paid close attention to my water intake. I personally have no trouble with the pricking and have not suffered from irritation.

During the first month I made sure to get enough exercise, but not sports. I first wanted to see how my body would react to the drug. The dose is increased every week for the first 4 weeks. Next month I will start building a workout schedule.

I am very happy that I allowed myself this and I am very curious what the coming months will bring!

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