Corner of the mouth fold lines

Get rid of drooping mouth corners

Corner of the mouth foldlines

Drooping corners can be genetic or the result of natural ageing. When these corners start to droop, what is known as ‘marionette lines’ appear: lines running from the corners of the mouth down the chin. Sometimes we see marionette lines appear after weight loss. Because of the continuing process of volume loss, these fine lines become deep wrinkles. These lines can make you look sad or discontent; one reason why most people would be glad to be rid of them.

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Why treat the corners of the mouth?

‘Cheer up. It can’t be all that bad…’. If people are always suggesting that you look sad, it may well be that the lines and wrinkles around your mouth are to blame. They’re pulling the corners of your mouth down, making you look sad or moody. Injectable fillers can solve this problem. A filler treatment is a relatively easy method with instant happy results: a friendlier, fresher expression. Sometimes it works best if the upper portion of the face (cheeks / cheekbones) is filled too, lifting the corners of the mouth even more. Filling the jawline gives an extra beautiful result.

The treatment

After your health has been mapped out, pictures have been taken and you have provided your doctor with written consent, an anaesthetic cream (Emla) will be applied to the marionette lines. The treatment itself is a matter of mere minutes. You will receive between 5 and 10 injections per line with the use of an ultra-thin needle. After your doctor has massaged the area, you will have the option to cool the marionette lines with an icepack. Please note that prices advertised in our videos might differ from current prices.

Preparation:Please arrive 30 minutes at the clinic before treatment
Anaesthtic:Yes, cream
Duration:10 minutes
Pain (0-10):2
Product:Hyaluronic acid
Safety:Extremely safe
Effect duration:+/- 12 months

Natural result

Securing a natural-appearing result is just as important to us as it is to you. After all, you are our clinic’s calling card! To guarantee a natural result, we live by our motto ‘Less is more’. Our doctors always prefer to inject a little less filler in your mouth corners rather than more, leaving room for a free touch-up during your check-up appointment. Furthermore, our fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which can be actively dissolved. This ensures a result that matches the natural contours of your face.

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

We kindly ask you to arrive half an hour in advance of your appointment so that we can apply the numbing cream. To prevent the formation of bruises: We advise you not to consume any alcohol for 48 hours before treatment, and we recommend that you start taking Arnica drops five days before treatment. Make sure you quit taking any dietary supplements, vitamins or fish oil five days in advance of your treatment. Because Aspirin, Naproxen and Panadol (paracetamol) have a blood-thinning effect, you should avoid these medications as well, unless your doctor agrees.

After the treatment

Do not apply any make-up on the treated area for the first few hours after treatment. By all means, avoid direct sunlight to the skin for the first week after treatment. Neither should you visit a sauna or tanning salon. Please refrain from having your mouth treated by a beautician. After two weeks, we ask you to return for a check-up appointment at our clinic.

Recovery time

During the first few days after treatment, you might suffer some light swelling and minor bruising. This will subside after just a few days. You are allowed to camouflage any bruising after a few hours post-treatment.

Effect duration

On average, you will be able to enjoy the effects of this treatment for an entire year. However, results may vary per person.

Free intake

The Body Clinic wants its clients to make well-informed decisions when they select treatment. Therefore, our free, no obligation consultations are always carried out by the same doctors that will carry out the treatment, if you decide to have treatment. The doctor will inform you of your options and discuss realistic and not so realistic expectations with you. Finally, you will receive honest, personalised advice. If you decide to go ahead with treatment and your health and treatment forms show nothing unusual, the doctor will carry out the desired treatment after pre-treatment photographs have been taken.


The hyaluronic acid-based fillers used by doctors of The Body Clinic for marionette lines are extremely safe. Our doctors only select those hyaluronic acids that have been commercially available for a long time and of which the safety has been proven over the long term. An advantage of hyaluronic acid as opposed to other types of temporary fillers is that it is naturally found in the skin. This cuts down the chances of allergic reactions or rejection to a negligible size. Should any small irregularities or asymmetry occur after treating marionette lines, there is no need to worry. Hyaluronic acid is the only type of filler that can be actively dissolved. This provides that extra bit of safety, guaranteeing you that we can deliver a result tailored to your needs.


Filler hyaluronic acid corner of the moud foldlines 1,5 ml€ 500
Filler hyaluronic acid corner of the moud foldlines 2 ml€ 700
Filler hyaluronic acid corner of the moud foldlines 3 ml
inclusive jawline
€ 900


Is it always possible to treat the corners of the mouth?

The area around the mouth is very tricky as mouths are constantly in motion and have six muscles that converge at the corners.

So if the skin is very slack, we would advise a liquid facelift instead of a single filler. If you treat the cheeks and cheekbones as well, the overall effect will be so much better, and there will be more of a lift visible. Please discuss the possibilities with our physician during your free intake consultation.

Are jawline and corners of the mouth always part of the same treatment?

Jaws and corners of the mouth are part of the same facial area. Of course it is up to you but we believe that treating both will give more beautiful results.

What are the costs of treating the corners of the mouth?

Please count on approximately 500-600 euros. It will depend on whether we treat the jawline too. If you combine this with a liquid facelift, it’ll be less expensive.

Make an appointment

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