Skin improvement & Hyperpigmentation ZO Medical

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Skin improvement & Hyperpigmentation ZO Medical

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Dr Obagi’s ZO (Zein Obagi) Medical is a new generation of therapeutic skin care products. ZO Medical products contain ultra effective ingredients in the correct concentration. The product line is based on high concentrations of powerful ingredients, such as retinol, advanced peptides and anti-oxidants, in combination with a patented administration technique, enabling the ingredients to be sufficiently deeply absorbed into the skin. ZO Medical renews, refreshes and protects the skin. ZO Medical products go perfectly well with the required ZO Skin Health line products.

ZO Medical products may be used to:

Skin improvement:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce pigmentation and age spots
  • Reduce melasma
  • Protect the skin

Proven medical results:

  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Sebum (Greasy skin)
  • Sun damage
  • Acne
  • General ageing of the skin

Where are ZO Medical products available from?

For a free, no obligation consultation, please contact us at 020-4638668. ZO Medical products are available at our clinics in Amsterdam and Duiven and via our web shop. Please book a consultation and see one of our physicians for information on the products.

Zo Medical products

01d NormaCleanse 3

The advanced tensioactive ingredient (surfactant) mildly removes impurities and sebum and prepares the skin for therapeutic treatment. The unique formula softly cleanses and conditions the skin.

01n Oilacleanse 3

This dual-action cleanser exfoliates and cleanses the skin suffering from excessive sebum production, removing sebum and other impurities, cleansing the skin and reducing acne.

02d Balatone 3

This unique toner optimises the penetration of the therapeutic system by removing impurities and neutralising the pH in sensitive skin. It strengthens dry, sensitive and irritated skin with the use of a patented technology.

05 Glycogent

This innovative formula speeds up the exfoliation of the skin to avoid inflammation and prevent future damage. Active ingredients improve mitosis and support the correction of skin discoloration.

04 Brightenex

A formula developed to effectively target the three stages of skin pigmentation through a patented, ‘bio-vectored microsphere’-delivery technique.

07x Retamax

Active Vitamin A Micro-Emulsion

09 Restoracalm1

Restoracalm is suitable for all skin types. Developed to reduce redness, it soothes the skin and enhances the refortification of skin barriers.

Oclipse C Sunscreen SPF501
Oclipse-C SPF 50

This is a lightweight, natural, mineral multi-sun protection, offering broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Free intake

The Body Clinic considers proper information on selected treatments of vital importance. So, our free, no obligation consultations are always carried out by one of our experienced physicians. Our physicians need to know just what your expectations of the treatment are. We take pride in the fact that our clinic has been awarded 9 out of 10 by over one thousand satisfied clients. If you decide to have treatment, our physician could carry it out on the same day, after your health has been charted and

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