Botox is not only used for wrinkles but also for migraine, excessive sweating and teeth-grinding.

Botox for migraine

Not much is known about the causes of migraine/tension-type headaches. There are probably several factors involved. Because Botox relaxes the muscles in the frown, one factor that may trigger the headache is ruled out, reducing the migraine/tension-type headache in most cases. In some cases this may even result in the discontinuation of prescription medication. An added bonus is that if the frown caused a wrinkle, this wrinkle will be less noticeable after Botox.

Botox for teeth-grinding

Nocturnal teeth-grinding can cause a number of complaints. Teeth-grinding causes abrasion, in particular enamel erosion, and may result in jaw injury or headaches as a result of excessive tension in the chewing muscles. The correct location of the injections will be decided in consultation with your physician. The effect of the treatment lasts between three to six months. The costs depend on how much Botox is needed.

Botox anti-perspiration

Botox prevents neuro-muscular transmission, reducing or paralysing muscular activity. Botox blocks the transmission of the nerve impulse to the sweat glands, thereby preventing the glands from producing perspiration.

Wrinkle treatment
Botox voor en naBotox voor en na

General information

Botulinum toxin is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. As a medication, botulinum toxin has two effects:

  • It prevents neuro-muscular transmission, reducing or paralysing muscular activity.
  • Botox blocks the transmission of the nerve impulse to the sweat glands, thereby preventing the glands from producing perspiration.

Many small lines and wrinkles in the face appear by voluntary or involuntary contraction of the small muscles beneath the skin. The areas most affected by this are:

  • horizontal lines in the forehead
  • horizontal and vertical frowns and furrows
  • crow’s feet

Botulinum toxin blocks the contraction signal from the small nerves in the skin to the skin’s muscles. This prevents the small muscles in the skin from (fully) contracting.

It takes between one and two weeks to achieve maximum effect. After this, the possibility to contract the muscles starts to increase again. This is because new nerve-endings start to grow, replacing the blocked nerve-endings. At first the shots must be repeated every three months. Eventually the period between shots will increase to four to six months. Approximately 1% of the treated population does not respond to Botox. Other injectables may be an alternative for this group.

Botox voor en naBotox voor en na

People who frown a lot may involuntary carry a sullen or angry expression on their face. Eventually a frown can even stay imprinted the skin. Therefore, a botulinum toxin injection procedure effectively prevents wrinkles. It’s a common concern that all facial expression is wiped out by Botox. However, this is not the case if treatment is limited to forehead, frowns and crow’s feet.

Safety of Botox treatment

Botulin toxin as a medication is exceptionally safe. If the needle involuntarily hits a small blood vessel, a small bruise may occur. Another possible side-effect (in less than 1% of cases) of treating wrinkles in the forehead is the temporary paralysis of the muscles that raise the eyebrows. This can make your eyebrow feel a little heavy for a few weeks or even lower it slightly. If you strongly contract the muscle after injection, the toxin will spread more evenly, reducing the chances of this happening. Alternatively, the physicians at The Body Clinic can give you an eyebrow lift when treating the forehead, thereby lifting the eyebrow a little.

The procedure

By means of a standardized consultation form your physician will determine if there are any reasons why you should not qualify for a Botox injection procedure. Before the procedure, you must sign a treatment contract. This confirms that you have been well-informed on the product and the procedure and that you consent to being treated by the physician. A Botox treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and most customers consider it virtually painless. There is no need for any anaesthetic. If the wrinkle(s) at the site to be treated with Botox are very deep, it may be necessary to combine Botox treatment with another injectable (Radiesse, hyaluronic acid) for optimal results.


Treatment Clinic
One area Botox*
Two areas Botox
Three areas Botox
Eyebrow lift**
Double Eyebrow lift
Botox gummy smile 
Botox Anti perspiration***






€ 195,-
€ 350,-
€ 495,-
€ 75,-
€ 195,-
€ 150,- 


€ 495,-
€ 575,-
€ 650,-

One area is frown, wrinkles in the forehead, or crow’s feet.
A single eyebrow lift can only be done in combination with a second area.
 We use 130-150 units per armpit. If this is not enough, you can get a higher dose at €60 per 80 units.

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Question and Answer

Once the Botox has stopped working, will I have more wrinkles than before?

On the contrary. Because the area treated with Botox has not been active for several months, the skin has had time to recover beautifully. And the wrinkles you had before have not been deepened, because you weren’t able to use the muscle for some time. And thirdly, you may have broken the habit of using the muscle a little. A frown is a good example of this. If you haven’t frowned for a while, you’ll frown less in the future.

Won’t Botox make my face expressionless, giving me that frozen look I know from some celebrities?

Without mentioning any names – this is usually the case when Botox is administered in the wrong areas, e.g. around the mouth. This musculature is required for speech. When paralysed with Botox this results in a frozen face. An artificial, puffed-up face is wrongly associated with Botox. This is mostly due to extreme use of wrinkle fillers.

Botox is a toxin – how can this ever be good for you?

Botox is only toxic in extremely high concentrations. You may compare it to other medications that we use all the time and which are also poisonous when taken in extreme doses, such as paracetamol and Ibuprofen. In the low concentrations used for anti-wrinkle and anti-perspiration procedures Botox is not toxic and quite safe to use.

For further information on the possibilities of Botox injections, please schedule a free, no-obligation.

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