Bring a Friend

Enjoy discount on Botox and fillers together

Better together

Are you enthusiastic about The Body Clinic and would you like to introduce a friend? Then take advantage of the Bring a Friend discount! When your friend undergoes his or her first treatment at The Body Clinic, you will both receive: €50 discount on a Botox treatment and €100 discount on a Filler treatment.

Pass it on and both receive a discount

Are you enthusiastic about The Body Clinic? Then take advantage of the Bring a Friend promotion.

bring a friend step 1

Tell a friend about us
Share your enthusiasm about The Body Clinic with a friend and tell him or her about this promotion.

bring a friend step 2

You and your friend receive a discount
If your friend is being treated, you will receive both a €50 discount on Botox and a €100 discount on fillers.

bring a friend step 3

Invite as many friends as you want
There is no limit to the number of friends you can bring, so you can please everyone.

How does it work

  • Your friend may not yet be a client of The Body Clinic.
  • When booking his or her appointment, your friend indicates that you want to use the Bring a Friend discount and states your name.
  • Your friend will receive a €50 discount on Botox and a €100 discount on fillers with his or her first treatment.
  • After the treatment of your friend, we also link the discount to your account, so that you also receive a €50 discount on a Botox and a €100 discount on a filler treatment.
  • The discount only applies to a minimum purchase of 1 ml filler and/or 1 Botox zone.
  • You can save up discounts, so the discount amount on a treatment will be higher.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can make, so there is no limit to your discount.
  • A friend can of course be anyone: your partner, your mother, your sister, your colleague, etc.

Free consultation

The cosmetic clinic The Body Clinic offers you a free consultation with one of its doctors prior to the treatment. It will then be checked whether there are any medical objections to a treatment, the problem areas will be mapped out and you will receive personal advice, completely tailored to your situation.


For 15 years experienced doctors have been working at The Body Clinic with the best products on the market. Our process is without concessions in terms of safety and the pursuit of a natural result. The doctors at The Body Clinic only use top brands such as Restylane, Saypha and Radiesse for filler treatments, which have been on the market for a long time and whose safety has been proven. The fillers have a CE mark and are also FDA approved. The Botox falls under the Medicines Act and has been used in the medical world for more than forty years. Our doctors can rightly be called specialists in performing these treatments.

Make an appointment

For a treatment or a free and non-committal consultation you can contact us at our central telephone number or fill in the contact form on our appointments page.

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