Anti perspiration

Never again sweat profusely


Perspiring is a natural and necessary process. Perspiration evaporates, cooling the body down, helping it maintain a steady temperature and facilitating the adaptation to the body’s environment. The glands responsible for perspiration work more intensely in some people than in others, however. Where one person stays practically bone-dry most of the time, another person has wet patches in their clothes or is continuously clouded in the scent of perspiration.

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Why undergo an anti-transpiration treatment?

If despite proper hygiene, use of deodorant and suitable clothes a person suffers from excessive perspiration, a botulinum toxin treatment could be just the solution for them. And even if one doesn’t suffer from excessive perspiration, treatment can be taken to prevent stains in your clothes.

  • Excessive sweating in the armpits
  • Excessive sweating of the hands

The treatment

A Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis is a lunchtime treatment in the true sense of the word – you’ll be in and out the door in no time at all. After you have filled out your health declaration and signed a treatment agreement, our Botox procedure against excessive sweating can begin. In the case of excessive sweating in the armpits, approximately 13-18 injections are made in each armpit. Botox blocks the nerves that control our sweat glands, which stops them from producing sweat. After treatment, you may need to mildly compress the treated area for a short while. Cooling is not necessary. Please note that the prices advertised in our videos might differ from our current prices.

Preparation: Shave your armpits
Duration 15 minutes
Pain (0-10): 5
Product: Azzalure
Safety: Extremely safe
Effect duration: 4-9 months


After treatment with botulinum toxin, it will take between two days and two weeks for your armpits to stop perspiring. If you’re still not dry after two weeks, please contact us. If necessary, we when can inject an additional one or two doses at your check-up appointment for a reasonable extra fee.

Before and after treatment

Before the treatment

In order to properly mete out and mark the areas to be treated we ask you to shave your armpits three to four days prior to the procedure.

After the treatment

With the exception of intensive exercise, you are free to continue your day after treatment.


In nearly all cases, no signs of treatment should be visible. In very rare instances there may be some swelling, bruising or redness of the skin.

Effect duration

You will initially be able to enjoy your Botulinum toxin treatment for four to six months on average. Should you visit more often, this period will gradually increase to an average of six to nine months.


Botulinum toxin can rightfully be called an extremely safe medical product. Because Botulinum toxin is an medical product, its adverse effects, effectiveness and complications were studied for many years before it was allowed onto the market. Botulinum toxin has been utilized in the medical world for more than forty years for various conditions and in numerous patients, among whom children and adults with muscle spasms. To date, no harmful long-term effects have been observed.


Botox anti-transpiration treatments Pricce
2x flacon Botox (Azzalure) € 495
3x flacon Botox (Azzalure) € 575
4x flacon Botox (Azzalure) € 650


Will my perspiration go to other places when my armpits stop perspiring?

No. Perspiration is the result of the body trying to keep your body temperature level. The relation between your armpits’ and other glands is so small that de-activating the glands in the armpits hardly ever results in more perspiration in other places. Theoretically you need to rid yourself of the same amount of heat, yes. But your armpits are only 1% of your body surface. You won’t notice it if the rest of your body perspires 1% more. In addition, at these places the heat can leave the body more easily. So, in short, you won’t notice the increase of perspiration at other locations.

Are their specific risks involved in treating the armpits with Botulinum toxin?

There are no known risks involved.

Will I stop perspiring altogether after an anti-perspiration armpit treatment?

Anywhere between two days and two weeks after treatment your armpits will become completely dry. If this doesn’t happen, please stop by our clinic. We will help you with an additional injection for a very modest price. It varies how long people stay dry. On one end of the scale after 1-2 months a hint of perspiration returns. On the other, people turn bone-dry and stay this way for 9 months. On average, between 4 and 9 months will elapse before you’ll need a new treatment. And even then, perspiration will not be as bad as it was before you had your treatment.

Will the odour disappear with antiperspirant treatment?

As long as you don’t perspire, you won’t smell either. We do advise you use proper under-arm hygiene, however. It is best to shave the armpit and keep it very clean.

Do I need to repeat this treatment?

Yes, you do. It’s possible that the period between two treatments increases. In some cases, if the perspiration is stress-related, the vicious circle is broken and repeat treatments won’t be necessary any more.

Free intake

We offer clients a free intake consultation so they can familiarise themselves with their physician and the treatment they’re considering. The consultation centres around the treatment’s recovery time, possible adverse effects, aftercare, expected effects of the treatment and, of course, the clients’ expectations regarding its results. Possible alternative treatments will be discussed as well. Finally, our physician, after careful consideration, will give honest and tailor-made advice, just as our clients expect. There are options for treatment right away, if desired.

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