Wrinkles and small dimples in the chin

Enjoy a smooth and robust chin

Wrinkles and small dimples in the chin

Some people have an overactive muscle in their chin. Increased tension in this muscle causes irregularities to appear in the skin’s surface, such as lines and small dimples, like a golf ball. Fortunately, the muscle can easily be treated with botulinum toxin. Your chin’s natural smooth appearance and firmness can be restored.

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Why treat lines and small holes in the chin?

Chin muscles that pull too hard result in small irregularities, known as ‘orange peel skin’ or ‘golf ball chin’. If the chin muscle is treated with botulinum toxin, it will relax, and many of the irregularities and small dimples disappear. If your chin shape is not as you would like it to be, we recommend filler treatment.

The treatment

A Botox-based treatment of the chin lines and dimples can rightfully be called a lunchtime treatment. You can drop by over your lunch break at our clinic in Amsterdam or Duiven. After pictures have been taken and you have filled in a health declaration and a treatment agreement, the procedure may begin. Two small injections are made in the chin. After your chin line and dimple treatment, you can apply light pressure on the treated area. Cooling is not necessary. Sometimes, a filler may be the better option for a particular region. During a free and non-binding intake, you and your doctor will discuss the possibilities.

Anaesthetic: Not required
Duration: five minutes
Pain (0-10): 3
Product: Azzalure
Safety: Extremely safe
Duration of the result: 3-6 months

Natural result

During a free and non-committal intake session, your doctor will verify whether a Botulinum toxin treatment is suitable for you. We always take your natural features into account and where necessary these can be lightly softened with the help of Botulinum toxin. Delivering a natural result is very important to us, because this reflects our working method and philosophy. Our doctors prefer to use less Botulinum toxin during the first procedure, because the option for a free touch-up always remains, which takes place two weeks later during the check-up appointment.

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

Before we can begin the treatment of your chin, the relevant area is first disinfected. Subsequently, you’ll receive two Botulinum toxin injections. The procedure itself takes less than five minutes and is considered ‘not painful’ by most clients.

After the treatment

We advise you not to practice yoga on the day of the treatment or partake in any other type of physical training or exercise. Finally, you should refrain from lying down for two hours after treatment.

Recovery time

In nearly all cases, no signs of treatment should be visible around the chin. This procedure can rightfully be called a lunchtime treatment!

Effect duration

After your first procedure, you will be able to enjoy the Botulinum toxin treatment for three to four months. Should you come in for treatments more often, the effects will gradually last longer, up to a point. If you have deep chin wrinkles, we suggest returning after two to four weeks for a filler treatment in the same area.

Free intake

Our free, no obligation intake is primarily intended for you to get acquainted with the physician responsible for treatment. The intake also covers in detail such aspects of treatment as recovery time, possible adverse effects, aftercare and expected outcome. In addition, it focuses on your expectations and wishes. Alternative treatments, if any, are discussed as well. Following this evaluation, our physician will offer you honest and tailor-made advice about the treatment, or treatments, most suitable for you.


Botulinum toxin can rightfully be called an exceptionally safe medicine. Because Botulinum toxin is regulated by pharmaceutical law, it took years of rigorously studying its effectiveness, side effects and complications before its distribution was permitted. Botulinum toxin has been administered in the health sector for over forty years to countless patients, among whom children and adults suffering from muscle spasms. To date, no negative long-term effects have ever been reported.


Treatment botox Pice
Lines and small holes in the chin treatment with botox * € 100
  • In combination with another area botox or else: 195,-


Won't I look unnatural if I stop using the muscles in my chin?

Of course there will be some change around your chin. However, only in very rare occasions this would strike anyone as unnatural. Botulinum toxin injections give the chin a smoother and more youthful appearance. Everyone sees this as positive.

After the Botulinum toxin wears off, won't the dimples and crevices come back stronger than before?

On the contrary. Because you haven’t exercised the muscles responsible for crow’s feet for a while, you may have partially lost the habit of using them. Furthermore, since the area treated with Botulinum toxin has not been active for several months, the skin has had time to recover beautifully.

How do you correct chin lines, dimples and crevices best, with Botulinum toxin or a filler?

We prefer using Botulinum toxin for chin lines. If wrinkles are deep, we may suggest using a filler additionally. Sometimes it’s an option to use a filler on its own. You may rest assured that our physicians will advise you on your options so you know whether Botulinum toxin or a filler is best for you.

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