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Bart Biermans

Upon graduating from medical school at Utrecht University in 2005, Bart Biermans founded The Body Clinic. He works at the Amsterdam branch. Bart has over 12 years of experience with injectables as a cosmetic surgeon and has been tested best by the Consumers Association. Bart Biermans is registered in the BIG register under number 79064493601. Bart is a member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG).

Nagita Grover-Khatri

‘Cosmetic medicine is a fabulous tool to enhance a person’s beauty’

Nagita Grover, M.D. attended medical school at the Rotterdam Erasmus University. After graduation, she moved on to become the medical director of one of the largest Dutch anticoagulation clinics. Nagita’s fascination for cosmetic treatment and skin improvement then prompted her towards a new medical specialization. And so, after acquiring these new skills, she spent the next five years working as a cosmetic doctor at several renowned clinics, among which the Bergman Clinics. Nagita is a member of the NVCG. As a cosmetic doctor she likes to focus on achieving natural results while keeping the client’s wishes central to treatment. The Whole Face Approach is Nagita’s preferred treatment method. This approach is all about reversing signs of aging to the face, such as lines and wrinkles, but loss of volume too. Tell-tale signs of the skin maturing are softened, brought to a standstill and even reversed. By adding volume deep inside the skin Nagita can recover a client’s youthful contours with the most gorgeous and natural results.

Nagita Grover is registered under number 39912467601 in the Dutch BIG register for healthcare professionals.

Monique Dikrama

Monique Dikrama attended medical school at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit. Monique has been with The Body Clinic as a cosmetic physician for nearly 11 years, both in our clinic in Amsterdam as in Duiven. Monique specialises in injectables and thread-lifts and has been granted the highest accolades from the Dutch Consumers Association. Monique Dikrama is registered in the BIG register under number 19062645301. Monique is a member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG).

“Medicine is a subject in development. It is a wonderful thing to be able to apply cutting-edge knowledge and to visibly restore youthfulness.”

Petra Dikrama

“Cosmetic science is a marvelous means to accentuate a person’s beauty.”

Petra Dikrama is a 2005 cum laude graduate from Amsterdam VUmc School of Medical Sciences. Furthering her medical studies, Petra specialized in Dermatology at Rotterdam Erasmus University, where she has been a practicing dermatologist since 2012. In addition, Petra has worked at the Velthuiskliniek and Erasmus MC Aesthetics, the cosmetic branch of Erasmus Medical Centre.

Petra’s interest in the skin spans a broad range of areas in cosmetic dermatology and dermatologic surgery. For Petra, the craft of cosmetic surgery lies in achieving a more beautiful appearance without leaving traces of cosmetic surgery. She aims for a skin to feel happy in: well-rested instead of tired, amiable instead of nettled.

Next to patient care, education is Petra’s greatest passion. And so, Petra has been employed as an education coordinator at the dermatology department for bachelor and master level medical studies since 2013. She teaches a great variety of student groups with warm enthusiasm, bringing our next generation of dermatologists up to speed.

Petra Dikrama is registered under number 69064820401 in the Dutch BIG register for healthcare professionals.

Free intake

A free, no-obligation first consultation is important to both our physicians and their clients. Clients may express interest in a treatment, but our physicians know about possible alternative options and can bring these to their attention. We want our clients to be happy, so it’s important that clients share their expectations with us. Only then can our physicians assess if these expectations can be met and at the end of the intake give honest, personalised advice on the best solution for them. You can call us at 020-4638668 or by mail

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