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Cosmetic Doctors

Mirthe van der Putten

Drs. Mirthe van der Putten is a Cosmetic Doctor KNMG, our Medical Director, very experienced in injectables and has more than 6 years of experience in plastic surgery.

Hugo Ammerlaan

Drs. Hugo Ammerlaan is a Cosmetic Doctor KNMG, a highly experienced specialist in injectables and has a background in plastic surgery. Specialist in bags under the eyes, contour repair and lips.

Nicoline Nijman

Drs. Nicoline Nijman has been working as a cosmetic doctor since 2015. Nicoline always strives for a natural result and that includes honest advice.

Rose Bischoff

Drs. Rose Bischoff is an experienced cosmetic doctor and specialist in the ‘normalization’ of injectables. Rose also works as a lecturer in medicine at the University of Groningen.

Dionne Deibel

Drs. Dionne Deibel is a cosmetic doctor and specialist in integral (full-face) treatment. Dionne also has experience in plastic, oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery.

Simone Kouwenberg

Drs. Simone Kouwenberg works as a cosmetic doctor and specialist in medical weight loss in our clinic in Amsterdam. Simone also works as a general practitioner.


Geretta has over 10 years of work experience in cosmetic medicine and skin problems. Geretta specializes in tear troughs and lips and is also a general practitioner.

Medical Weight loss Doctors

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Nicolette Lammers

Drs. Nicolette Lammers works as head doctor for Medical Weight Loss at The Body Clinic. She works in Utrecht, The Hague and Den Bosch, among others.

Michiel van Leeuwen

Dr. Michiel van Leeuwen is a Medical Weight Loss doctor, he facilitates the online consultations. With his background in the development of anti-obesity medications, he is an expert in the field of weight loss.

Feikje ten Cate

Drs. Feikje van Cate strengthens the Medical Weight Loss team in Amsterdam. Her goal is to help you lose weight in a sustainable way.

Hafida Moujahid

Drs. Hafida Moujahid works as a Medical Weight Loss doctor at The Body Clinic. Finding balance in lifestyle is important to her to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Florence Faqiri-Dogrusoz

Drs. Florence Faqiri-Dogrusoz works as a doctor of Medical Weight Loss at the Body Clinic in Utrecht, The Hague and Den Bosch. In addition, Florence works as a general practitioner.

melchior spruit the body clinic arts medisch afvallen

Melchior Spruit

Drs. Melchior Spruit works as a Medical Weight Loss doctor at The Body Clinic in Utrecht, The Hague and Amsterdam. Melchior also works as an insurance doctor.

Skin therapists

Marlijn Spierenburg

Marlijn Spierenburg has experience in a wide range of laser treatments, peels, microneedling and other techniques. Marlijn also completed the Trainer Hormone Factor training. Marlijn is registered with the Dutch Association for Skin Therapists and registered in the KP register.

Complication doctors

Dr. Tom Decates PhD

In the rare case that complications occur after a filler or Botox treatment that cannot be solved by the treating doctor, we work together with complication specialist Dr. Tom Decates MD PhD from Erasmus MC. dr. Decates has been promoted in the field of complications with injectables and has been known for years as the leading specialist in this field in the Netherlands.

Nutrition coaches

Annelieke van Woerkom

Annelieke guides clients during their medical weight loss process. Annelieke has completed several courses in the field of nutrition and guidance and is head nutrition coach at The Body Clinic.

Nicole de Haan

Nicole has been working as a dietician and nutritionist for 7 years and has guided countless people to a healthy and appropriate eating pattern. She has extensive experience with medical weight loss using injections.

Caroline Albers

Caroline has been a dietitian since 2014. She has specialized in overweight, obesity, bariatrics and medicinal weight loss. She is also a dietitian and personal coach for the TV program Obese.


Yvette van Leeuwen

Yvette is an assistant and back office employee at The Body Clinic. In her role as assistant, Yvette is professional, helpful and always in control. Yvette plays an important role at the rear in setting up new initiatives.

Malvina van der Spa

Malvina has been working at The Body Clinic Duiven since 2012 as a hostess. As a graduated beautician and holistic therapist, she has great affinity with the cosmetic industry.

Ansie Smit

Ansie always comes to work with a good dose of positivity and cheerfulness and passes this on to everyone she meets. A warm and calm atmosphere ensures a nice welcome in the clinic.

Support Team

Manon von Liebenstein

Manon has been involved with The Body Clinic in various positions since 2015. Manon has been marketing and communication manager at The Body Clinic since 2021.

Roos Launy

Roos is active as online content manager at The Body Clinic. She is responsible for online content such as treatment pages, blogs and newsletters.

Djilly Ybema

Djilly has been active as planning and human resources manager at The Body Clinic since 2023. She makes sure that staff as well as patients get the best possible experience at The Body Clinic.

Bart Biermans

Bart Biermans founded The Body Clinic in 2005. Bart works as director and educator of doctors within The Body Clinic. Bart is a KNMG cosmetic doctor with more than 15 years of experience in injectables.

Rob Reintjens

As director, Rob Reintjens is responsible, among other things, for the IT and online marketing of The Body Clinic. Rob has more than 15 years of experience in supervising IT projects in healthcare.

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