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Mirthe van der Putten

After studying medicine at the University of Utrecht. She was trained as a cosmetic doctor and specialized in botox and fillers treatments. In addition, she has been working in surgery and plastic surgery for over 6 years. She has gained a lot of experience in the field of surgical procedures, which contributes to her excellent knowledge and expertise in aesthetics.

Hugo Ammerlaan

After studying medicine at the University of Leuven (2015), our doctor Hugo Ammerlaan continued to specialize in plastic surgery in the hospitals of Apeldoorn and Nijmegen. Especially cosmetic surgery has drawn his attention, the goal-oriented and practical action is what makes it so interesting. The combination of minor surgery and injectable treatments makes cosmetic medicine a wonderful profession where you can make someone feel fresh again with small actions! Hugo has extensive experience with injectable treatments (over 5.000 treatments) and is specialized in upper eyelid correction (over 1.500 operations). He listens to the wishes of a client but keeps an overview of the total picture, so that the face remains in balance.

“Together with my client, I look at how we can obtain as natural a facial refreshment as possible without being noticeable. That someone looks fresh again without the environment seeing that a treatment has taken place, this is my aim.”
Hugo is BIG registered under number: 79919762601

Irene Klein

Drs. Irene Klein, is a member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG). She has quality and safety as the highest priority and strives for natural treatment results. Irene graduated as a physician in 2006 and has extensive medical experience in various branches of medicine, including cosmetic medicine.

Samira van Stiphout

Dr. Samira van Stiphout studied medicine at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. After her studies, she worked for several years in the hospital as a doctor in emergency care and oncology for internal medicine, after which she also worked for 2 years in general practitioners medicine. These were very valuable years, in which she gained a lot of experience. However, her heart turned out to lie more in cosmetic medicine, after which she took the step to specialize in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Samira van Stiphout is also a member of the NVCG.

More than 10 years of work experience in cosmetic medicine and skin problems. She started during her medical studies when she worked as an assistant at various cosmetic clinics. In addition, she did additional internships in plastic surgery and dermatology during her medical education. After her medical education she studied the structure of the skin further as a scientist. For example, she researched a new 3D skin analysis and led projects for new skin therapies. She has been associated with The Body Clinic as a doctor for several years and is also a general practitioner.

Bart Biermans

After studying medicine at Utrecht University (2005), Drs. Bart Biermans The Body Clinic on. He works in the clinic in Amsterdam. Bart Biermans has more than 15 years of experience with injectables as a cosmetic doctor, is a member of the NVCG and has been tested as the best by the Consumers’ Association. Drs Bart Biermans is KNMG Cosmetic Doctor.

Free intake

The Body Clinic offers you – prior to the treatment (s) of your choice – a consultation with one of its doctors without obligation and free of charge. It will then be checked whether there are any medical objections to a treatment, the problem areas will be mapped out and you will receive personal advice tailored to your situation. You can contact us on 020-4638668 or via info@bodyclinic.nl.

Supporting team

Daniëlle Miggelenbrink-Nederstigt

Daniëlle Miggelenbrink-Nederstigt has been working as a Clinic and Quality Manager at The Body Clinic for 10 years. Daniëlle helped the Body Clinic grow into the leading clinic it is today. With our team she facilitates the doctors so they can focus on the perfect treatment.


Sierra is a hostess at The Body Clinic in Amsterdam. Sierra takes her sociability and humor to the clinic every day. Sierra ensures that customers leave with a smile on the inside and a glow on the outside.

Malvina van der Spa

Malvina has been working as a hostess at The Body Clinic Duiven since 2012. As a graduated beautician and holistic therapist, she has a lot of affinity with the cosmetic industry.

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For a treatment or a free and non-committal consultation you can contact us at our central telephone number or fill in the contact form on our appointments page.

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