Microneedling combined with radiofrequency

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What is the Morpheus8?

The Morpheus8 is one of the most well-known and effective skin rejuvenation treatments on the market today. The Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to enhance and strengthen the action of microneedling. It causes the skin of the face and/or body to tighten, soften and even out through healing processes. The minimally invasive Morpheus8 treatment stimulates your collagen production to promote the structure, and therefore the appearance, of the skin.

What is the Morpheus8

The Morpheus8 is one of the most well-known and effective skin rejuvenation treatments on the market today. The Morpheus8 combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to enhance and strengthen the action of microneedling. It causes the skin of the face and/or body to tighten, soften and even out through healing processes. The minimally invasive Morpheus8 treatment stimulates your collagen production to promote the structure, and therefore the appearance, of the skin.

Why a Morpheus8 treatment?

The Morpheus8 is a great way to maintain collagen levels in your skin. The radiofrequency microneedling technique creates micro-holes in your skin, allowing your body to initiate the natural healing process. This involves stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. Not only is the Morpheus8 popular as a preventive anti-aging treatment, but it is also very good for initiating skin renewal. This results in skin tightening, it evens out skin texture and tone, and can reduce the appearance of scars.

  • Firming and tightening of the skin
  • Reduce scars and acne scars
  • Reduce double chin
  • Jawline tightening
  • Reduce acne and rosacea
  • Reduce uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles reduce
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Reduce sun damage or pigmentation

How does microneedling work with the Morpheus8

The Morpheus8 is a device equipped with tiny needles. These needles make microscopic holes in the skin. This process of microneedling causes controlled micro-holes, which activates the body’s natural healing response. As the wounds heal, the body makes new collagen and elastin. These crucial proteins give the skin structure and elasticity. As the needles enter the skin, they also deliver radiofrequency energy deep into the second layer of the skin, or dermis. That energy generates heat which further stimulates collagen production. In addition to stimulating collagen production, radiofrequency energy is also good for repairing existing skin structure. Heat allows existing collagen fibers to contract, tightening the skin.

Price: Starting at €550.
Preparation: Be present 30 minutes before the treatment
Anesthesia: Yes, cream
Duration: 30 minutes
Pain (0-10): 8
Product: Microneedling with radiofrequency
Safety: Extremely safe
Sustainability: Lasting

Natural result Morpheus8

Although the Morpheus8 does not yet have much name recognition in the Netherlands, the treatment is already wildly popular in the United States. Many of Morpheus8 users report seeing improved skin texture, tighter skin and reduced lines and wrinkles. It is often seen as an effective treatment for lifting and firming the skin, especially for people over the age of 40 with visible sagging skin.

Before and after pictures

Combination treatment: Morpheus8 and Sculptra

Morpheus8 and Sculptra are treatments that, when combined, provide a holistic approach for the ultimate collagen stimulation. Sculptra stimulates the growth of fibroblasts. These are cells responsible for the production of collagen. Morpheus8 works with radio frequency, the skin is heated in a controlled manner during the treatment. Heating the skin prompts the fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen.

The combination of Sculptra and Morpheus8 provides additional stimulation to the increased number of fibroblasts. As a result, more collagen is produced. This combination treatment is therefore considered the ultimate collagen stimulating treatment.

What to do before and after the Morpheus8 treatment

Before treatment

It is recommended one to two weeks before the treatment not to do any skin treatments that may irritate your skin (waxing, chemical peels, etc.). It is not recommended to tan the skin in any way (self-tanner or tanning bed). Before any Morpheus8 treatment, we always schedule a consultation to see if Morpheus8 is the right treatment for you. If you are suitable, you can be treated immediately after the consultation. On the day of the treatment, you should not wear makeup or mascara and your skin should be thoroughly clean.

After treatment

Important: use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for at least one month after your treatment and do not go into the sun with the treated area, this includes tanning beds and self-tanning. Do not use another gentle cleanser for sensitive skin and a moisturizer recommended by the skin therapist until the first 24 hours after your treatment. During the first few days, avoid using makeup, retinol and other products with harsh ingredients. Only after two to three days may you return to your normal skincare routine.

Recovery time

For the first few days after treatment, your skin will be somewhat red and swollen. This generally disappears within a few days. The duration of recovery varies by treated area. Exposure of your treated skin to direct sunlight is not recommended for the first few days.

Duration result

The result of the Morpheus8 treatment is “permanent,” but it does not counteract the aging process.


Areas of focus for Morpheus8 treatments

There are many purposes for which the Morpheus8 can be used because it specifically uses the physical healing process. Thus, the Morpheus8 can tighten and firm the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin, make scars less visible, reduce small fat deposits and improve the contours of the treated area.

  • Poor skin texture and coarse pores

    The Morpheus8 promotes the production of collagen and elastin and allows existing collagen to contract. Both contribute to skin firming and tightening. Increased collagen production and skin firming can shrink coarse pores. In addition to often feeling tighter immediately, skin improvement after a Morpheus8 treatment often continues for months. Collagen and elastin production takes time. This results in gradual improvement of skin texture and reduction of large pores over a long period of time. Moreover, the Morpheus8 is suitable for all skin types and does not cause hyperpigmentation on darker skin tones like some other forms of skin therapy.

  • Reduce uneven skin tone

    The Morpheus8 reduces uneven skin tone through the combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy. Microneedling stimulates the body’s healing process resulting in the production of new collagen and elastin. This increase firms and rejuvenates the skin, reducing blemishes and texture problems. The radiofrequency energy used during a Morpheus8 treatment also contributes to skin firming and rejuvenation. Hyperpigmentation can be reduced as a result, and scars and other blemishes are also addressed, contributing to a smoother and more even skin surface.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles in the skin

    The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency stimulates the skin to renew and firm itself in multiple ways. Collagen and elastin production is stimulated and existing collagen fibers are contracted by radiofrequency. The Morpheus8 also helps restore the collagen structure in the skin which contributes to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. Skin tightens immediately after treatment and there is improvement in skin texture and contour over time. In addition, the Morpheus8 stimulates the skin’s regeneration process. Skin improvements are natural and gradual, resulting in a more natural-looking rejuvenation of the skin. Regenerative treatments for the skin are becoming increasingly popular. These are treatments that use the body’s natural healing process to repair or renew damaged or aging skin.

  • Reduce acne and rosacea

    The Morpheus8 may also have a reducing effect on acne. The radiofrequency energy delivered creates controlled heat in the deeper layers of the skin. This heat reaches the sebaceous glands located in the middle layer of the skin. One of the causes of acne is the excessive production of sebum, which can clog the sebaceous glands. The warmth of the Morpheus8 reduces the size and activity of the sebaceous glands, which can help reduce acne and prevent new outbreaks. In the process, the new collagen and elastin create a healthier skin barrier that can make the skin less prone to inflammation. The appearance and inflammation of rosacea can also be reduced by the Morpheus8. The radiofrequency energy combined with the microneedling stimulates the body’s repair response, heals inflammation and thus makes the skin healthier. Stimulated collagen production strengthens and thickens the skin, which can lead to a reduction in redness and visible blood vessels.

  • Scars and acne scars

    Stimulating collagen and elastin production is crucial in the case of scars. Stimulating this using the Morpheus8 causes skin renewal, which is essential for scar tissue to be replaced with healthy, new skin tissue. Improving skin texture through skin renewal on and around the scar tissue reduces the visibility of both deep, and superficial scars. In addition, Morpheus8 treatment can also reduce redness, this makes the scar less visible

  • Reduce double chin and tighten jawline

    The Morpheus8 can also reduce small to moderate fat deposits. The radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin layers and generates heat. This heat can affect fat cells under the skin, breaking them down and gradually draining them through the body. At the same time, microneedling stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This tightens and firms the skin which contributes to a defined jawline and reduces the appearance of a double chin. The combination of fat reduction and skin tightening results in an improved contour of the chin and jaw area. Thereby, the Morpheus8 is a treatment that is minimally invasive, as well as safe for all skin types. In addition, it is also a treatment with less recovery time and fewer risks than other more invasive surgical procedures.

  • Reduce stretch marks

    Reducing the visibility of stretch marks is also based on the stimulation of collagen and elastin production initiated by the Morpheus8. The skin renewal process of this treatment can improve the texture and appearance of stretch marks. Penetrating the deeper skin layers ensures that stretch marks can be treated on the skin layers where they are located. This makes the Morpheus8 more effective than traditional microneedling for stretch marks.

  • Reduce sun damage or pigmentation

    In cases of sun damage, it is important for the skin to recover properly. The Morpheus8 stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins that make skin firmer, smoother and healthier. In addition, radiofrequency energy helps even out pigment in the skin. The Morpheus8 also promotes the renewal of existing skin cells, this helps replace damaged skin for healthy new skin cells. This all helps reduce the appearance of sun damage or pigmentation spots.

Free Intake Morpheus8

The Body Clinic offers a free consultation with a skin therapist prior to any Morpheus8 treatment. It is important to us that you become a satisfied client. We have been the highest rated clinic in the Netherlands for years, and for good reason. Your expectations will be identified, possibilities and impossibilities discussed, and ultimately you will receive honest advice tailored to your situation.

Safety of the Morpheus8

The Morpheus8 is a safe option for skin rejuvenation with fewer risks and side effects than many invasive surgical procedures and other skin rejuvenation technologies. This starts with the fact that the Morpheus8 is minimally invasive, unlike surgical procedures such as facelifts, for example. This means that recovery will be faster and with fewer risks. The risk of infection, scarring or an unexpectedly long recovery time is very low with the Morpheus8.

Prices Morpheus8

Treatment Price
1 Morpheus8 treatment face € 550
3 Morpheus8 treatments face € 1500


Is the Morpheus8 better than lasering?

Some skin rejuvenation technologies, such as certain laser treatments, can cause pigment changes in darker skin tones. A laser treatment emits light energy to specific targets in the skin, such as melanin. People with darker skin have more melanin in their skin so there is an increased risk of discoloration or damage to the skin during laser treatment. The Morpheus8 uses radio frequency energy that generates heat in deeper skin layers. This heat is not selective for melanin, the pigment in the skin. This makes the Morpheus8 a safe treatment for all skin tones. This is because the treatment does not target the skin surface or pigment

How long does a Morpheus8 treatment last?

The results of a Morpheus8 treatment are permanent, although the natural aging process will continue over the years. The production of collagen and elastin continues for months after treatment.

What is a Morpheus8 treatment good for?

A Morpheus8 treatment is a good option for both cosmetic improvements and skin restoration. The Morpheus8 provides skin tightening and rejuvenation, reduces wrinkles and lines, treats (acne) scars and stretch marks, improves skin texture and tone, can reduce acne, and reduces fat deposits and provides contour enhancement.

How much does a Morpheus8 treatment cost?

The cost of a Morpheus8 treatment is from 550 euros. This includes the consultation, treatment and check-up appointment. The price of treatment depends on your goal of treatment and the size of the treatment area.

Is a Morpheus8 treatment worth the money?

If your needs are most in line with what the Morpheus8 offers in terms of results, yes. This is different for each person, of course, and you can get more information in a no-obligation consultation to answer this question for you personally.

How many treatments of the Morpheus8 do I need?

Usually 2 to 4 treatments of the Morpheus8 are recommended for optimal results. Of course, this depends on your specific goals and your skin condition.

Can I combine the Morpheus 8 treatment with fillers?

Combining Morpheus8 with fillers is possible. It is recommended to undergo the Morpheus8 treatment first and then use fillers, it cannot be excluded that the radiofrequency energy may affect the fillers. Always allow for an interval that will be advised by your practitioner.

Can I combine a Morpheus8 treatment with Botox?

Yes, the Morpheus8 treatment can be combined with Botox. However, it is important to keep a break between treatments. With Botox, there is no specific order that is recommended. Again, always allow for an interval that will be advised by your practitioner.

What is the optimal combination of Profhilo and Morpheus8?

A combination of these two treatments can lead to comprehensive anti-aging benefits. Depending on your personal needs, the sequence of this combination treatment may vary. Profhilo may be used to promote recovery after Morpheus8 treatment. In addition, if used first, Profhilo can put the skin in great condition for a Morpheus8 treatment allowing it to deliver optimal results. For a customized combination treatment, see a practitioner for a consultation.

Why is the second Morpheus8 treatment cheaper at other clinics and not at The Body Clinic?

The Morpheus8 treatment uses an attachment to which the microneedles are attached. These are used to make micro-holes in the skin and deliver radiofrequency energy. This attachment should be discarded after treatment for hygienic reasons. So with each treatment we use a new attachment and you pay for each attachment.

Some clinics offer the second or third Morpheus8 treatment cheaper because they keep the attachment from your first treatment. While this does indeed save on costs, it also compromises the hygiene of the treatment and thus also increases the risk of complications.

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