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Radiesse is a combination of calcium and phosphate ions – minerals occurring naturally in your teeth and bones. The dermal injectable is white in colour and needs to be injected into a deep skin layer. Areas suitable for Radiesse are: nasolabial folds, corner of the mouth folds, cheeks, cheekbones, tear ducts, temples, chin, jawline and deeper perioral lines.


Radiesse is a combination of calcium and phosphate ions – minerals occurring naturally in your teeth and bones. The dermal injectable is white in colour and needs to be injected into a deep skin layer. Areas suitable for Radiesse are: nasolabial folds, corner of the mouth folds, cheeks, cheekbones, tear ducts, temples, chin, jawline and deeper perioral lines.

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Why have a Radiesse treatment?

Radiesse has an aesthetic effect that lasts approximately one and a half years. It is not only an excellent dermal filler but it activates the body’s own connective tissue formation, thereby giving durable results in the process. Radiesse is an extremely safe injectable wrinkle filler. It has been used widely for two decades in orthopaedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and dentistry. In the U.S., this injectable has been used for cosmetic corrections for over 15 years.

The treatment

First, we need photographs of your treatment areas for your medical file. Next, the physician marks the place where the injections go. Then it’s time for the injectables in the treatment area. A Radiesse treatment is fast, it will only take 5 – 10 minutes, in case of a Whole Face Approach, half an hour on average. On the whole, Radiesse treatment is not considered painful. However, individual experience of pain sensation varies. We give local anaesthetics only when treating the lip lines.

Preparation: Arrive 30 minutes before the treatment
Anesthetic: Yes cream
Pain (1-10): +/- 4
Product: Radiesse
Safety: Extremely safe

Natural result

You are our clinic’s calling card, and so we attach extreme importance to guaranteeing you a natural result. Because Radiesse stimulates your own collagen production, it naturally strengthens your own contours. The professionals at The Body Clinic always prefer to use as little product as possible, so as to leave some room to inject a little more (if needed) at a free check-up appointment. Our doctors live by the creed ‘Less is more’. We take the natural shape of your face as our guideline.

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

As with any filler treatment, we ask our Radiesse treatment clients to check in with us 30 minutes prior to their appointment. We do this to have time to apply an Emla (anaesthetic) cream and to allow time for the cream to do its work. To prevent bruising: We advise you to not drink alcoholic beverages for at least 48 hours prior to a Radiesse treatment. You are, however, allowed to take Arnica drops, starting five days before treatment. We also recommend that our clients refrain from taking dietary supplements, fish oil or vitamins starting five days before the procedure. Please avoid blood-thinning medications such as Aspirin, Naproxen and Ibuprofen for a few days before and after treatment, unless you have your family doctor’s approval.

After the treatment

Do not use a sauna or tanning beds for the first week after Radiesse treatment. Also, we urge you not to visit your beautician for the first two weeks post-treatment for beauty treatments. Please refrain from using make-up on the treated area for the first hours after treatment.

Recovery time

You might suffer from swelling or tenderness for three to five days in the area treated with Radiesse. These symptoms will subside after a few days, but it is possible that they last for an entire week. You are allowed to camouflage any possible bruises.

Effect duration

A Radiesse filler stays in your system for approximately twelve months. This is an average – it may vary from client to client.

Free intake

The Body Clinic offers free, no obligation consultations prior to treatment with one of its physicians. During a consultation, we check to see if you qualify for treatment, chart your problem areas and give you tailor-made treatment advice. If you wish, you can have a Radiesse filler treatment on the same day.


Radiesse is composed of calcium and phosphate ions, minerals naturally occurring in your teeth and bones. The aesthetic effect of a Radiesse treatment lasts approximately 18 months. Radiesse’s effects are twofold. It has some long-lasting results as well as immediate effects. Next to filling the wrinkle, it activates the body’s own natural connective tissue production. A counter-indication of Radiesse treatment is prior use of permanent fillers in the same location. There are no known cases of Radiesse resulting in complications such as granuloma formation (permanent build-up) or displacement of the filler. Because parts of the Radiesse composition are substances natural to the body, the risk of an allergic reaction is very small. Some temporary skin reactions after treatment are redness, swelling and local sensitivity. General risks that may occur following any treatment are infections, disrupted wound healing and, no matter how infinitesimally small, allergic reactions. This list of possible adverse effects is not exhaustive, however. Your physician will discuss this with you during your intake.


Treatment Radiesse Price
Radiesse 1,5 ml € 600
Radiesse 3 ml € 1100
Radiesse 4,5 ml € 1450
Radiesse 6 ml € 1.700


Are all Radiesse treatments at The Body Clinic carried out by qualified physicians?

Yes, they are. Only physicians are qualified to carry out this procedure. Our doctors at The Body Clinic are a member of the NVCG and BIG registered.

What is a full-face approach?

A full-face approach adds volume where it has been lost due to natural ageing – i.e. cheekbones, cheeks, temples, naso-labial line, marionette lines. Using several application units of Radiesse creates a lifting effect, comparable to a mini facelift.

Won’t fillers such as Radiesse result in unnatural looks?

The physicians at The Body Clinic always take the natural ageing process as a guide for cosmetic correction. We only add volume in places where volume has been lost. This guarantees a beautifully natural result. For our work method, please look under physicians or philosophy.

Won’t a filler give me lumps?

As we pointed out earlier, Radiesse filler does not lead to formation of granulas, or lumps. In earlier days permanent fillers were used. Permanent fillers have a different chemical composition which allows them stay in the skin permanently. Sometimes, however, this composition triggers the body’s natural defence system into fighting the filler. This reaction can cause formation of granulomas, or bumps. Radiesse, being composed of phosphate and calcium, cannot trigger such a reaction, because this composition is natural to the body (bones and teeth).

Can Radiesse be injected in the lips?

Radiesse is not suitable as an injectable for filling lips. Because of its colour (white) and firmness, Radiesse is not the best option for a lip filler. The physicians at The Body Clinic prefer to use hyaluronic acid (Juviderm 2) for lips (link to page). This filler is less firm and therefore more natural and aesthetic when used on lips.

Can I go out into the sun after Radiesse treatment?

Even though the sun increases ageing of the skin, you can go into the sun as soon as the redness and swelling has subsided. If the Radiesse treatment caused minor bruising, wait until the bruise has disappeared before going into the sun. We advise you to never go into the sun without proper protection against premature ageing due to sun damage.

When can I get back to work after a Radiesse treatment?

This depends on the treated area. If you’re going for the ‘full-face approach’ and you bruise easily, you’re advised to plan a week off, because that’s how much time possible bruises take to disappear. Other treatments with Radiesse have a much smaller chance at bruising, and so, generally, you can get back to work the next day.

Is treatment with Radiesse painful?

Radiesse treatment is generally regarded as not painful, although individual variation in pain sensation may be expected. These days, Radiesse is often mixed with Lidocaine, an anaesthetic.  In addition, our physicians at The Body Clinic often use cold-packs to ease discomfort.

Should my skin be tested?

Radiesse consists of a biodegradable substance identical to the body’s own.

Where can I get a Radiesse treatment?

The Body Clinic has two private locations, one in Amsterdam and one in Duiven (close to Arnhem). You can reach us by phone: 020-4638668 or by mail: [email protected].

Make an appointment

For a treatment or a free and non-committal consultation you can contact us at our central telephone number or fill in the contact form on our appointments page.

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