Lines around the mouth / smokers’ lines

Reduce smoker’s lines with fillers

Lines around the mouth / smokers’ lines

Smoking is a wonderful habit for those who want to age skin. In order to draw on a cigarette, the muscles around the mouth must contract, resulting in lip wrinkles, commonly known as ‘smokers’ lines’ or ‘barcode’. However, not only smokers get these lines. There is a genetic factor involved here as well. In addition these lip wrinkles often appear simply as a result of ageing: the skin loses its flexibility. But the good news is that these lines – in particular when they are just beginning to form – can be corrected with the use of injectable fillers.

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Why treat smokers’ lines?

The appearance of vertical lines above the mouth may have various causes. Smoking is one of them, but so is exposure to ultraviolet light, highly expressive facial mimicry and ageing. Because these lip wrinkles tend to make a person look older, an injectable filler treatment can be a good solution. A filler plumps the skin above the lips a little, so that the wrinkles are less visible for about a year. You can’t start too early with treating perioral wrinkles. When they have been around for a long time, small scars appear, making the wrinkles harder to remove. Please come and discuss your options with us.

The treatment

It is critical that you arrive at our clinic thirty minutes in advance of your treatment. After your health has been mapped out, pictures have been taken and you have given the doctor your written consent for treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to the wrinkles above your lip. This procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. An ultra-thin needle will be used to fill up the tiny wrinkles above your lip. The contours of your lips will also be reinforced in order to prevent further aging. After your doctor has massaged the treated area, you will have some time left to cool the area.

Preparation: Please arrive at the clinic 30 minutes before the treatment
Aneasthetic: Yes, cream
Duration: 15 minutes
Pain (0-10): 6
Product: Hyaluronic acid
Safety: Extremely safe
Effect duration +/- 12 months

Natural result

In order to fill the wrinkles around the mouth, we make a number of very tiny injections into the wrinkles in this area. Because the volume that this adds is quite minimal, this procedure ensures a softening, natural effect. As the hyaluronic acid fillers are inherently very flexible, they are the most suitable for treating wrinkles around the mouth. You retain your natural shape in this area, but the wrinkles and lines will be softened.

Before and after photo
voor foto rokerslijntjes
na foto rokerslijntjes

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

We ask you to arrive half an hour in advance of your procedure, so that we can apply a numbing cream in the area above the lip.
To prevent the formation of bruises: Please do not consume any alcohol for 48 hours leading up to your procedure. You may start taking Arnica drops five days before your treatment. Quit taking any and all food supplements, vitamins or fish oil for a few days before your treatment. Do not administer any Aspirin Naproxen or Ibuprofen before your procedure. Consulting your GP on this matter if you take these on a regular basis. This type of medication has a blood-thinning effect, increasing the chances of bruise formation.

After the treatment

You must prevent sunlight from contacting the treated area for the first week post-treatment. This includes no visits to the tanning salon or sauna during this period. In addition, we urge you not to have any facial treatment carried out by a beautician for the first 2 weeks following this procedure. Finally, we strongly advise you not to apply make-up to the treated area during the first few hours post-treatment.

Recovery  time

This area is slightly more susceptible to bruise formation than other areas. Of course you may cosmetically camouflage the treated area after a few hours post-treatment.

Effect duration

All the hyaluronic acid fillers that we use have visible results lasting an average of 12 months. In some individuals, the hyaluronic acid will be broken down quicker than in others, which accounts for the variation in treatment durability.

Free intake

The Body Clinic considers proper information on selected treatments of vital importance. So, during a free, no obligation consultation, our physicians inform our clients on the optimal treatment for them. At this opportunity, client and physician discuss realistic and less realistic wishes, expectations and options. Finally, the client receives honest, personalised advice. If there are no medical objections, and the client wants it, the physician may carry out treatment on the same day, after the client’s health has been charted and pre-treatment photographs have been taken.


To fill up wrinkles around the mouth, our doctors at The Body Clinic pay great attention to the following properties when selecting a filler. The filler has to have been on the market for a long period, a large number of procedures must have been carried out with it, and it has be actively soluble. Restylane meets all these demands and is used by our doctors for this particular area of treatment. Restylane is one of the earliest fillers to have been permitted onto the European market and tens of millions of procedures have already been carried out with it.


Treatment Price
Wrinkles around the mouth (smokers’ lines) € 600


Won't my upper lip become thicker if I fill in the lip lines?

The Body Clinic only places point injections in the lines itself – the radial lines. The lip does not get thicker; the filler just fills in the small labial lines.

Sometimes the lines continue into my lip. Will these disappear too?

At The Body Clinic we often treat both. By adding firmness to these lines, fewer small lines will appear around the mouth as these appeared as a result of loss of volume and firmness of the lips.

Will all lines disappear if I get treatment around the mouth?

Unfortunately, we cannot always make every single line disappear. There may be scar tissue in the skin. Sometimes a peel or microdermabrasion treatment can help. This all said and done, fillers can greatly improve the area around the mouth.

What are the costs of treating lip lines?

At The Body Clinic this treatment costs 600 euros. This includes the filling of the small lines around the mouth.

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