Drooping corners of the mouth

A sad appearance no longer

Drooping corners of the mouth

‘Cheer up!’ You could be feeling wonderful, but still impress others as being depressed or annoyed. This can often be traced back to mouth wrinkles: drooping corners. They appear when muscles that keep the corners of the mouth turned down during normal facial mimicry fail to relax afterwards and remain contracted. In such a case botulinum toxin can help.

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Why treat drooping corners of the mouth?

If the corners of your mouth droop, and the resulting expression is making you feel unhappy, it’s only natural that you want this fixed. We at The Body Clinic have ample experience with treating drooping corners. Most of the time, injections with botulinum toxin do the trick, but sometimes an injectable filler may be the better option for you. At a free, no obligation first consultation one of our physicians is happy to meet with you and discuss all the options and procedures best suited for you.

The treatment

A drooping mouth corner Botox treatment can rightfully be called a lunchtime procedure. You can literally drop by over your lunch break. After pictures have been taken and a health declaration and treatment agreement have been signed, the procedure can start. Two small injections will be made in the muscles in the corners of your mouth. After the Botox treatment, you can apply mild pressure on the treated area. Cooling is not necessary.

Sometimes, a filler might be preferable to combat a particular type of cosmetic problem. A brow issue could be one of them. During a free and non-binding intake appointment, you and your doctor can discuss all your options for treatment.

Anaesthetic:Not required
Duration:five minutes
Pain (0-10):3
Safety:Extremely safe
Duration of the result3-6 months

Natural result

Our professionals at The Body Clinic will select in advance who qualifies for a Botulinum toxin treatment. You will receive an opinion tailored specifically to you, in which we take your natural features into account. Where necessary, these can be subtly softened with the use of Botulinum toxin. We care a great deal about delivering a natural result, because this reflects our working method and philosophy. Our doctors will rather use less product during the initial treatment, because you can always drop by for a free touch-up after two weeks during the check-up appointment.

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

If this is your first consult, please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment.

After the treatment

We advise you to not take any exercise (including yoga) on the day of your Botox mouth corner treatment or to lie down for the first 2 hours following treatment.

Recovery time

Nearly no swelling will be visible after your Botox treatment of the mouth corners. Some slight bruising may be visible on the injection sites, but this occurs very rarely.

Effect duration

When your drooping mouth corners have been treated with Botox, the end results will not be directly visible. The relevant muscles will be immobile for 2 days up to 2 weeks after treatment. Should you experience some volume loss near your mouth corners, we advise you to return after 2-4 weeks for a filler treatment of the mouth corners. On average, you will enjoy the effects of this treatment for 4 months.

Free intake

The Body Clinic offers an intake, free of obligation or charge, with one of its physicians, prior to the treatment or treatments of your choice. During this intake, the physician informs you on perceived risks, expected results, pre-treatment care and aftercare, while you express your expectations in detail. If you like, you can have treatment immediately after photographs of the treatment areas have been taken and you have filled out a consent form and health declaration.


Botulinum toxin is an extremely safe product. As Botulinum toxin is regulated by pharmaceutical law, years were spent studying its effectiveness, side effects and complications before it was allowed to be distributed. Botulinum toxin does belong to the medical products that are potentially harmful. However, whether a substance is toxic depends on its concentration. By swallowing one or two tablets of Panadol, you may combat a headache. On the other hand, swallow thirty tablets and you may damage your liver. The dosage that the doctors of The Body Clinic utilise is very low, making it completely safe.


Treatment BotoxPrice
Drooping corners of the mouth*€ 100
  • in combination with an area botox, otherwise 195 euro


Won't I look unnatural if I stop using the muscles around my mouth?

It’s true that the face changes a little when the corners of the mouth have been treated. But this hardly ever looks unnatural to anyone. Drooping corners may make a face look surly or bitter. The effect of Botulinum toxin is a softer and more content expression. Everyone sees this as positive. Still, it may be that someone considers the effect of this treatment as unnatural. A filler in this area may be the right solution.

After the Botulinum toxin wears off, won't the drooping corners of the mouth come back stronger than before?

On the contrary. Because you haven’t exercised these contracting muscles for a while, you may have partially lost the habit of using them.

Are their specific risks involved in treating the corners of the mouth?

Some risks are involved with any treatment, including that of the corners of the mouth. In the corners of the mouth numerous small muscles come together. If the wrong one is injected, the mouth could become lop-sided or the smile asymmetrical. In most cases this can be corrected during check-up. In rare cases one will have to wait until the Botulinum toxin has worn off.

When is a filler to be preferred over Botulinum toxin for the corners of the mouth?

It depends on how deep the fold is. If it’s deep, a filler is often a better solution. If the corners are beginning to be a little slack, Botulinum toxin can be the better option. At your free, no-obligation initial consultation, our physician can advise you on the most fitting solution for you.

Will my smile become uncharacteristic if I have my mouth done?

In most cases a person’s natural smile won’t change much at all. If other small muscles are affected in this area, there is a small risk that your smile will temporarily change.

Make an appointment

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