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Because headaches appear in so many forms, we have agreed to refer to ‘migraine’ as any headache that is relieved by anti-migraine medication, not meaning paracetamol or other regular painkillers. In order to distinguish chronic migraines from tension headaches, we consider the main symptoms: in tension headaches this is a pain in the head, contrary to chronic migraines, which come with a cluster of symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, light and noise sensitivity, auras, flashes and partial sight loss.

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Why go for anti-migraine treatment?

So far, no research or study has been able to discover what causes migraine. Presumably there are various causes. One such cause may be the contraction of facial and other muscles, in addition to the use of computers, stress and strong sunlight. By treating the frown muscle with botox, many clients experience a relief of symptoms: their attacks diminish in duration, intensity and frequency.

The treatment

A Botox procedure against migraine / tension headaches is a true lunchtime treatment. You can literally drop by over your lunch break. After pictures have been taken and a health declaration and treatment agreement have been signed, the treatment can begin. A few small injections will be made in your forehead muscles. After treatment, you can put mild pressure on the treated area. Cooling is not necessary.

Anesthetic: Not necessary
Duration: 5 minutes
Pain (0-10): 4
Product: Azzalure
Safety: Extremely safe
Effect duration: 3-6 months

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

A Botulinum toxin-based migraine treatment is a true lunchtime treatment, as it can literally be carried out during your lunch break. After you have signed a declaration of health and filled out a treatment agreement, the procedure can begin.

After the treatment

We advise you not to lie down for two full hours after your Botulinum toxin treatment. It is also wise not to partake in any physical exercise or to practice yoga on the day of the procedure.

Recovery time

With the exception of a slight redness of the skin and possibly some minor swelling – which subsides after an hour – no signs of treatment should be visible after treatment. You could quite literally drop by and treat yourself to this procedure during your lunch-break.

Effect duration

After the muscles in your face have been treated with Botulinum toxin, it may take a number of days before the intensity of your headaches subsides. In rare cases your symptoms may increase for a few days. This is because when certain muscles relax, other muscles tense up. The only side effect of a Botulin toxin anti-migraine treatment is that your frown will become less pronounced – how great is that? The results will stay with you for three months on average.

Free intake

In a free, no obligation consultation at The Body Clinic you can find out if the treatment that you’re considering works for you. In addition to learning more about this treatment, you can familiarise yourself with the attending physician. Aspects of the treatment discussed will be: recovery time, adverse effects, aftercare and expected effects. If alternative treatments are available, you’ll be informed about them too. Please avail yourself of the opportunity to express all your expectations and wishes. If you so desire, treatment can be carried out immediately following consultation, after you have filled out the required health and treatment forms.


Botulinum toxin is an extremely safe substance. Because it is subject to pharmaceutical legislation, Botulinum toxin has been studied for years on its effectiveness, side effects and complications before it was allowed onto the market. Botulinum toxin has the capability to be toxic. However, whether a substance causes toxic effects depends on its concentration. Panadol can be very effective for migraine when a person takes one or two tablets. If they take thirty, however, this might result in liver damage. The dosage of Botulinum toxin that the doctors at The Body Clinic employ is extremely low, and thus completely safe.


Treatment botox Price
Botox anti migraine treatment from € 195


Won't I look unnatural if I stop using some of my facial muscles?

Of course something will change, but only very little. Migraine is a problem on the inside, after all. So, the solution we look for has to do with muscles pulling ‘inwards’. In a free, no obligation consultation one of our physicians will show you what happens to your skin and offer tailor-made advice.

After the Botulinum toxin wears off, won't the migraines come back stronger than before?

On the contrary. Because you will not have exercised the muscles responsible for hyperactive contraction for a while, you may have partially lost the habit of using them. And, hopefully, having had respite of your symptoms, you may have regained some peace and confidence.

What is the difference between migraine and tension headache?

Migraine has so many different expressions that we define as migraine any headache that is relieved by anti-migraine medication. This is not paracetamol or any other over the counter painkiller. We speak of tension headache when the headache itself is its key aspect. Migraine is typified by a myriad of symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity, auras, light flashes and temporary loss of eyesight.

How long will I enjoy the results of my migraine treatment?

Your Botulinum toxin anti-migraine or tension headache treatment should keep you happy for anything between three and four months on average.

Are their specific risks involved with this treatment?

One risk involved in an anti-migraine treatment, is that the first treatment may trigger an attack. Because some facial muscles will relax, others may contract. This may trigger an attack. After this, if this occurs at all, you should be OK. This may be avoided in the future by having your follow-up treatment in time. Once we keep the muscles relaxed, they will not trigger a new attack. For the rest, treatment for headaches involves the same risks as treatment of a frown or of the forehead. During a free, no obligation first intake we will cover this in detail.

Is an anti-migraine treatment covered by medical insurance?

Unfortunately, Botulinum toxin against migraines is not officially recognised. In most instances the costs are not covered by medical insurance. We refer you to your medical insurance company to find out if treatment is covered. There may be conditions involved and agreements with particular treatment centres, so please be informed beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Why is this treatment not offered by healthcare?

Treating migraine is what is known as an off-label treatment. This means that no scientific studies exist today indicating its positive effect. Be that as it may, The Body Clinic has many satisfied clients that keep returning for this treatment because it has a positive effect on their migraines.

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