Bruxism / teeth grinding

Reduce muscle tension in your jaws


Sometimes muscle tension in the jaw is so high that the jaws are overactive. During the day, one can correct this oneself. But at night this is difficult. Your spouse, partner or dentist may be the one to point that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. You could be grinding non-stop or during stressful periods only. It’s practically always possible to correct grinding with botulinum toxin.

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Why have a bruxism treatment?

Grinding and clenching come with a risk. Your teeth and molars may suffer. Your fillings may break, your chewing muscles may become exhausted and yawning may become painful. At The Body Clinic we are well versed in bruxism treatment with the help of botulinum toxin.

The treatment

A Botox-based bruxism treatment can rightfully be called a lunchtime treatment: it can literally be completed over your lunch break. After pictures have been taken and you have signed a health declaration and treatment agreement, the procedure can begin. Six to eight small injections will be made in the masseters, lowering the tension. After treatment, you can apply mild pressure on the treated area. Cooling is not necessary.

Anaesthetic:Not required
Duration:five minutes
Pain (0-10):3
Safety:Extremely safe
Duration of the result:3-6 months

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

If this is your maiden visit to The Body Clinic, we will map out your health situation first and you will give our doctor permission to treat you. Then, you’ll receive six to eight injections on either side of your head to relax your jaw muscles.

After the treatment

Our advice is not to practice yoga or any type of exercise on the day of your treatment. We also suggest you refrain from lying down for two hours after treatment.

Recovery time

This procedure rarely comes with any side effects. In most cases we consider it a lunchtime treatment, and you will not be able to notice you were treated at all. In some instances, you may be left with a tiny bruise, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Effect duration

After the muscles in your jaw have been treated with Botulinum toxin, the final result will not be directly apparent. The tension in your muscles, in other words your grinding, will decrease from two days to two weeks after treatment. On average, you will be able to enjoy the results of your treatment for four months.

Free intake

Prior to any treatment, we at The Body Clinic offer clients initial consultations with one of our physicians. At a consultation our physician will discuss recovery times, adverse effects, aftercare and the effects of the desired treatment. Your wishes and expectations are central to our considerations. Our clinic prides itself in having been awarded a satisfaction score of 9 out of 10 by over one thousand clients. After careful consideration, our physician will offer honest and personalised advice on how to help you best.


Botulinum toxin is an exceptionally safe product. Because Botulinum toxin is an authorised medical product, it has undergone years of research with regards to its effectiveness, adverse effects and complications before it was allowed onto the market. Critics assert Botulinum toxin is harmful because it is a toxin. Whether a substance has a toxic effect on the body, however, depends on its dosage. In the case of Panadol, 1 or 2 tablets may have a beneficial effect on your headache, but take 30 and chances are that you damage your liver. The same holds true for Botulinum toxin. The concentrations used by the doctors at The Body Clinic are so low that they cannot be harmful or toxic.


Treatment botoxPricce
Bruxism (teeth grinding)€ 395


Won't my mouth stay open all the time if I have a relaxing Botulinum toxin injection in my jaws?

With the correct injection of Botulinum toxin, there is no reason to fear that your jaw will not retain sufficient tension. We only treat the overactive muscles, not the ones you need. You’ll even notice that your face will relax more, and you’ll look calmer. Almost everyone views this effect as positive.

Won't I look unnatural if I stop using some of the muscles in the jaw area?

Of course something will change, but only very little. We only treat the overactive muscles. These only control a fraction of your jaw movements. In a free, no obligation consultation one of our physicians will show you what happens to your skin and offer tailor-made advice.

After the Botulinum toxin wears off, won't the grinding come back stronger than before?

On the contrary. Since you won’t have exercised the muscles responsible for uncontrolled grinding or clenching for a while, you may have partially broken the habit. In addition, the area inactivated by the Botulinum toxin has had the opportunity to recover.

Is treatment of bruxism with Botulinum toxin the correct solution for everyone?

Everyone will notice a reduction in bruxism symptoms. But, as it is the case with all treatments with Botulinum toxin, some people’s bodies break down the substance faster than others. If you break down Botulinum toxin fast, this treatment is not right for you.

How often do I have to repeat a Botulinum toxin bruxism treatment?

On average, we treat people three times during the first year of treatment, twice a year in the years after. This is an indication, of course. It varies from person to person.

Are there any specific complications involved in bruxism treatment?

As is the case with other Botulinum toxin treatments, some other muscles may relax, resulting in facial asymmetry. The major muscle of the jaw, however, is pretty isolated, so the risk for this complication is very small. Another possible complication is that tension in the jaw is reduced to such a level that it becomes irritating. If that’s the case, we can adjust the dose when you come back for a follow-up treatment.

Make an appointment

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