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Some of us are born with low eyebrows. For others, it is a matter of time before their eyebrows start to sink. Low eyebrows can make a person look tired. It can give the appearance of eyes set too deeply in their sockets. When the sinking of the brow is still minimal, an eyebrow lift with botulinum toxin is definitely an option. In other cases, an eyelid correction is the better solution.

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Why an eyebrowlift?

Drooping eyebrows can make a person look tired or ill-tempered. In addition, sinking eyebrows can feel like pressure on the eyes. A botulinum toxin shot at the eyebrows will relax the small muscle near the eyebrow that pulls the eyebrow down. The eyebrow will lift slightly. You’ll look fresher and more rested.

The treatment

A Botox brow lift is a real lunchtime treatment. You can actually have the treatment carried out over your lunch break. After we take a few pictures, a health declaration is filled out and a treatment agreement is signed, the brow lift can begin. Two small injections are made around your eyebrows, causing those muscles that pull down on your brow to relax. Cooling after treatment is not essential.

Anesthetic:Not necessary
Duration:5 minutes
Pain (0-10):1
Safety:Extremely safe
Effect duration3-6 months

Natural result

An eyebrow lift provides a beautiful, fresh look that retains your natural features. There is no need to worry you will be left with an overly smooth forehead or a frozen face. The eyebrow is subtly lifted with two small injections. Everybody reports this minor lift as appearing very natural.

Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

After we have taken a few pictures for your dossier and you have signed our treatment agreement, we will make two small injections around your eyebrows. This relaxes the muscles that pull down on your eyebrows.

After the treatment

It is recommended you do not exercise on the day of the treatment. This includes yoga. We also advise you not to lie down for two to three hours following treatment.

Recovery time

There is practically no recovery time to speak of, so this procedure can rightfully be called a lunchtime treatment. In the rare instance that a small vein is struck during treatment, a small bruise will form, but this rarely ever happens!

Effect duration

After the muscles have been injected with Botulinum toxin, the end result will not be directly noticeable. In a period of between two days and two weeks, the treated muscle will become paralysed and lose tension. The duration of this effect is approximately four months.

Free intake

A free intake is an opportunity to get to know the physician who’ll be treating you, if you decide to have treatment, that is. There will be plenty of time to cover all crucial aspects of treatment, such as: what are the side-effects, if any, what may be expected result-wise, are there alternatives for this treatment and what are you, our client, expecting the treatment will do for you? When all this is clear, our physician will advise you and recommend the best course of action for you. If you wish, you can have treatment on the same day.


There are two key reasons why Botulinum toxin is an exceptionally safe product. Botulinum toxin is an authorised medical product. In Europe, medical products have to comply with very strict laws before they are allowed onto the market. First, their side effects, effectiveness and complications are scrutinised. Moreover, Botulinum toxin has been available on the market for a very long time, and has been applied in hospitals and private clinics for well over forty years. To this day, no negative long-term effects have been observed in this product.


Treatment botoxPrice
Double eyebrow lift€ 195
Eyebrowlift in combination with another botox area€ 75


Will I look perpetually amazed if I get an eyebrow lift?

That look of puzzlement, also known as the Spock look, is not caused by the eyebrow lift, but may be caused by a treatment of the frown. On the contrary – the eyebrow lift can diminish a Spock effect.

Does an eyebrow lift work on everyone?

Unfortunately an eyebrow lift does not work on everyone. Fortunately, lifting the eyebrow when combined with the treatment of another area is not very expensive (50-75 euros). And if it does work, it gives the most beautiful subtle lift of the eyebrows and clients are very satisfied with its results.

When do I qualify for an eyebrow lift with Botulinum Toxin and when is an eyelid correction the better option?

Botulinum toxin can correct a mildly sagging eyebrow. If the sagging is average to severe, an eyelid correction is often the preferred option. You can visit us at our clinics for a free, no obligation first consultation where we can see if a eyebrow lift is suitable for you.

Is it possible that my eyebrow will droop when I have an eyebrow lift?

Not if the right muscle is injected. If the injection is too high and touches the muscles of the forehead it is possible that the eyebrow starts to droop. It is very important to have this treatment at a recognised clinic to minimise risks.

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