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Forehead wrinkles

Raising your eyebrows causes forehead wrinkles. Natural ageing is very much to blame, but genetics are an important factor, too. Wrinkles appear when a face is very dynamically expressive or when eyelids have begun to droop and a person compensates for this by raising the eyebrows, drawing lines in their forehead.

Forehead wrinkles

Raising your eyebrows causes forehead wrinkles. Natural ageing is very much to blame, but genetics are an important factor, too. Wrinkles appear when a face is very dynamically expressive or when eyelids have begun to droop and a person compensates for this by raising the eyebrows, drawing lines in their forehead.

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Why treat your forehead wrinkles?

Forehead wrinkles make you look older, in particular when you have an expressive face and your forehead wrinkles are prominent. In such a case, botulinum toxin can have great results; restoring your young looks and making you look rested. The forehead in particular is an area that can be treated with great success using botulinum toxin.

The treatment

A Botox treatment with Azzalure of the forehead wrinkles can rightfully be considered a lunchtime treatment. You can literally drop by over your lunch break. After pictures have been taken, a health declaration filled out and a treatment agreement signed, the procedure can begin. In some cases your forehead might not be suitable for Botox. In this case, a filler injectable might be able to solve the issue. Please note that to achieve the most elegant results with a Botox forehead treatment, the forehead itself is rarely treated on its own. Instead, it is usually paired with e.g. a frown treatment or a brow lift.

Price: From €210,-
Anaesthetic: Not required
Duration: five minutes
Pain(0-10): 3
Product: Azzalure
Safety: Extremely safe
Duration of the results: 3-6 months

Natural result

At The Body Clinic, we attach extreme importance to guaranteeing a natural result. The too tight faces of some Dutch celebrities are no reflection of our customer base. We always pay great attention to our clients’ wishes and desires and take them through the possibilities before providing them with a personalised opinion that matches the natural features of their face. The doctors of The Body Clinic always prefer to treat a single area with Botulinum toxin so as to let their clients get acclimatised to the effect, before they – if that is what is wished for – treat other areas. We live by the motto ‘Less is more’.

Before and after photo
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Before and after the treatment

Before the treatment

If this is your initial visit to The Body Clinic, we will first conduct a medical interview with you. Then we will take some photographs. Next, the doctor marks the muscles responsible for your surprised facial expression. Finally, the injections are carried out. On average, five to seven small Botulinum toxin injections will be required for this treatment.

After the treatment

We advise you to avoid yoga practice on your day of the treatment, or indeed any other type of physical exercise. We recommend that you contract your forehead muscles every so often for the rest of the day. This causes the Botulinum toxin to spread equally over the muscle. In addition, you should not lie down for two hours following the procedure.

Recovery time

Frankly, there is no recovery time for this treatment. You can get back to work immediately! Should some bruising occur in rare cases, you may camouflage this immediately.

Effect duration

The results are not visible immediately upon procedure. It takes two days to two weeks before the treated muscle is immobilised and the wrinkle softens. If your forehead wrinkles are quite deep, we advise you to return to our clinic in two to four weeks after the procedure for a filler treatment in the same area. The first year you should visit us for three treatments. After this, twice a year will do.

Free intake

Prior to the treatment of your choice, we at The Body Clinic offer you a free, no obligation, initial consultation with one of our physicians. During this consultation we consider possible medical objections to the treatment, map out problem areas and give you personal, tailor-made advice.


Botulinum toxin has been administered for over forty years in the medical world to countless patients, among whom children and adults with muscle spasms. To this day, no harmful long-term effects have ever been attributed to Botulinum toxin. Some people think Botulinum toxin is a poisonous substance. Whether a substance is poisonous, however, depends on its dosage. Take one Panadol and it could relieve your migraine, take thirty and it might inflict damage on your liver. This is the case with Botulinum toxin as well. The professionals at The Body Clinic make sure to use very low concentrations of Botulinum toxin, not harmful to the body.


Treatment botox Price
One area (forehead or frown or craw’s feet) € 210
Two areas € 360
Three areas € 470
Double Eyebrowlift € 210
Botox light 2 areas € 210
Botox light 3 areas € 295
Botox light 4 areas € 360


Won't it look unnatural if I can't use the muscles in my forehead area any longer?

Obviously something changes in the skin of your forehead. Some people do not like the look of Botulinum toxin treatment in this area. A filler in this area may then be the right solution. In a free, no obligation consultation one of our physicians will show you what happens to your skin and offer tailor-made advice.

After the Botulinum toxin wears off, don't the wrinkles in my forehead come back stronger than before?

On the contrary. Because you haven’t exercised the muscles responsible for these wrinkles for a while, you may have partially lost the habit of using them. Now that your forehead’s skin has moved more gently for a while, you will not pull it up so much anymore. Furthermore, since the area treated with Botulinum toxin has not been active for several months, the skin has had time to recover beautifully.

Will I get a headache if my forehead is treated with Botulinum toxin?

That’s possible. As some muscles relax after treatment, other muscles may contract, possibly resulting in a tension headache. This may be avoided for the future by having your next treatment well in time. By keeping the muscles relaxed, the risk of a tension headache is reduced at the second treatment.

What is this so-called Spock effect?

The Spock effect is named after a character from a TV series from the 70’s, Star Trek. Spock sported an quizzical look, expressed by a lifted eyebrow. The Spock effect can be avoided in nearly every case by adapting the Botulinum toxin schedule for those likely to have this response. If despite an adapted schedule you are visited by the Spock effect, don’t worry: a small prick above the eyebrow will make Spock teletransport at once. So, feel free to come to the clinic for a free touch-up if you are visited by this phenomenon.


Is it possible that my eyebrows will droop after an anti-frown treatment with Botulinum toxin for forehead wrinkles?

With the correct injection of Botox, there is no reason to fear that your eyebrows will droop. On the contrary. The crow’s feet muscles pull the eyebrow down a little. When these muscles are frozen temporarily, the eyebrow muscles will be able to perform better. Some even see a lifting effect in the eyebrows after an anti-crow’s feet treatment.

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