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What does the Profhilo® treatment involve?

Profhilo is a natural anti-aging treatment. Profhilo injections of hyaluronic acid prompt the skin to produce collagen, elastin and adipose tissue. The treatment allows the skin to recover and works effectively against skin sagging and skin aging. All this without adding volume, like a traditional filler treatment would do. Profhilo can be applied to multiple areas at once and can be combined with other injectables treatments such as Botox or fillers.

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What does the Profhilo® treatment involve?

Profhilo is a natural anti-aging treatment. Profhilo injections of hyaluronic acid prompt the skin to produce collagen, elastin and adipose tissue. The treatment allows the skin to recover and works effectively against skin sagging and skin aging. All this without adding volume, like a traditional filler treatment would do. Profhilo can be applied to multiple areas at once and can be combined with other injectables treatments such as Botox or fillers.

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Why a Profhilo® treatment?

Profhilo stimulates the production of different types of collagen (1, 3, 4 and 7) and elastin in keratinocytes and fibroblasts, among others. In addition, Profhilo® has a stimulatory effect on the differentiation and survival of stem cells and adipocytes present in fat. With a traditional hyaluronic acid treatment, this effect does not occur. Another reason to choose Profhilo® treatment is because this method shows a longer effect compared to other treatments. This is due to thermal cross-linking of 100% pure hyaluronic acid. Besides showing a longer effect, the Profhilo® treatment is also safer compared to non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid.

  • The skin becomes firmer
  • The skin is hydrated
  • Skin feels more resilient
  • Reduce fine lines
  • A fresh glow on the skin
  • Long-term effect

Before and after Profhilo

The Profhilo treatment

The diffusion of Profhilo®, when injected subdermally (subcutaneously), makes the treatment extremely simple and well tolerated by the patient. In most cases, distributing the 2ml over 10 points (five per facial half) will suffice. It is not necessary to massage, as the gel spreads by itself. Because of the limited number of injections in Profhilo® treatment, it is easier to bypass vascular risk areas (blood vessels), so the risk of side effects (hematomas) is low.

Profhilo® contains two different hyaluronic acids (32 mg. of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 32 mg. of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid). Because the treatment consists of a combination of different hyaluronic acids, it has a stimulating effect on the biology of the skin. This effect does not occur in isolation. In short, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Price: From €295
Preparation: No
Anesthesia: Not necessary, if you want it yourself then be present half an hour earlier
Duration: 15 minutes
Pain (0-10): 6
Product: Hyaluronic Acid
Safety: Extremely safe
Sustainability: +/- 12 months

The Profhilo areas

The Profhilo® treatment is widely applicable to improve the condition of the skin. Among others, this treatment is very popular in the face and neck and body: knees, cleavage, upper arms and hands.

Profhilo face

Areas: Face and neck. For optimal results, 2 to 3 treatments are required, the second treatment four weeks after the first treatment. Subsequent touch ups can be chosen every 6-9 months.

Profhilo body

Areas: Abdomen, Decolletage, Arms (upper arms), Knees, Thighs (inside), Hands. For the best results of a Profhilo body treatment, 2 to 3 treatments are needed at one-month intervals. For Profhilo body we use a special kit, more on that below.

The Profhilo Body kit

The Profhilo body kit is designed for multiple areas or treatments. The kit is specially formulated to optimally hydrate and firm the skin both in the clinic and at home. Kit contents:

  • 2 x 3ml pre-filled Profhilo body syringes 100% pure hyaluronic acid. These are administered by the physician.
  • 4 Profhilo figura body patches to place on the treated area immediately after treatment for extra hydration and soothing.
  • 1 Bottle of Profhilo figura body cream for home client maintenance. The cream absorbs quickly and is proven effective for a silky smooth and rich texture.

Natural result of Profhilo

The Body Clinic ‘s Profhilo® treatment is a very safe treatment for natural anti-aging results. The safety and quality of this innovative treatment are underscored by Profhilo® being a winner of the Aesthetic Awards. The new method of thermal corslinking (without BDDE) used in this treatment show longer operation compared to non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The safety of the treatment is because Profhilo® consists only of pure hyaluronic acid. In this way, you will take full advantage of a natural result of this treatment.

Before and after treatment Profhilo

Before treatment

In principle, anesthesia is not necessary for Profhilo® treatment. If you do want this, we recommend that you arrive half an hour earlier so that we can apply Emla cream (numbing cream) to the area that will be treated. To prevent any bruising after treatment, you can start using Arnica drops five days before treatment. In addition, it is recommended to stop all dietary supplements, vitamins and fish oil 5 days before treatment. It is also preferable not to use blood-thinning drugs, such as Aspirin, Naproxen and Ibuprofen. Consult with your doctor if necessary. Finally, it is important not to take alcohol for 48 hours prior to Profhilo® treatment.

After treatment

For the first 3 days after your Profhilo® treatment, we do not recommend visiting the sauna, hammam, or swimming pool. In addition, we do not recommend sunbathing within 3 days of treatment. Furthermore, it is not recommended to undergo intensive treatments in the treated area for the first 48 hours after the Profhilo® treatment. These include peels, facial scrubs, microdermabrasion, laser and connective tissue massages.

Recovery time after Profhilo®

Although in most cases Profhilo® treatment proceeds without any failures, in exceptional cases inflammatory reactions may occur. This can include redness, and swelling, which are sometimes accompanied by itching or pain when touched. These reactions may persist for 3 to 5 days. In addition, a bump or hardening may occur at the site of the injections. If side effects persist longer than indicated, contact your treating physician at all times.

Duration result

After the treatment, the skin is encouraged to improve. About 4 to 6 weeks after the first treatment you will see results. A second treatment further enhances collagen and elastin production and increases results even more. The results of Profhilo body last about 9-12 months, depending on the condition of the skin. A maintenance treatment once or twice a year is strongly advised to continue to combat sagging skin and maintain a fresh glow.

Experiences Profhilo

Free intake Profhilo

At The Body Clinic, your attending cosmetic doctor will review with you the options, benefits and possible side effects of Profhilo® treatment during a free, no-obligation intake consultation. During this consultation, you will be briefed on everything involved in this anti-aging treatment. In this way we ensure a realistic expectation level, which is very important for our physician. Because of this transparent and realistic approach, more than a thousand satisfied clients have gone before you. The Body Clinic hasn’t been rated a generous 9 for nothing. After photographs have been taken, the procedure has been completed, your health has been assessed and you have given the cosmetic doctor permission for treatment, it is possible to be treated immediately if desired.

Safety Profhilo

Having Profhilo® treatment performed is extremely safe. Due to the lack of additives in the gel, the risk of foreign body reactions is extremely low. Hyaluronic acid weighing more than 45kDa is anti-inflammatory. In addition, the treatment is fairly quick and well tolerated with little risk of hematomas (bruising).


The cost of a Profhilo® treatment for natural anti-aging starts at €295 per 2 ml treatment.

Profhilo treatment – 2 ml – Face or neck € 295
Profhilo Body kit – 6 ml – (this can also include the facial areas). € 850

Two treatments are required for optimal results, the second treatment should ideally be performed four weeks after the first treatment. You can also divide the Profhilo Body kit over 2 treatments.

FAQ about Profhilo®

What is Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is an anti-aging treatment with a large amount of pure hyaluronic acid without chemical additives. The effect of Profhilo® is due to the fact that it stimulates the production of collagen (firmness) and elastin (elasticity). The skin becomes firm and healthy again in the different skin layers. With a Profhilo® treatment, it is possible to rejuvenate the skin without adding volume to the face. With a 100% natural treatment of hyaluronic acid, it restores the skin and addresses skin sagging.

How much does a Profhilo® treatment cost?

The price of a Profhilo® treatment is €295 for 2ml. This treatment can be used for the face, neck, décolleté or hands. For optimal results, we recommend two treatments four weeks apart. In addition, we offer the Profilo Body kit treatment. This treatment is 6ml for €850 and can be spread over several areas of the body, including the face.

How does the Profhilo treatment work?

A Profhilo body treatment is performed using the BAP technique. There are 10 injections placed in an anatomically sophisticated area that ensure optimal results. Using the BAP technique, the hyaluronic acid spreads well over the area to be treated.

What indications can you treat with Profhilo®?

The Profhilo® treatment is suitable for sagging skin on the face, neck, décolletage, hands and even the upper arms. The result is very natural, firming the skin and giving it a beautiful glow.

What is new about Profhilo®?

The product won the 2016 Aesthetic Awards for most innovative treatment because it is a completely new processing of hyaluronic acid with very specific benefits. The hyaluronic acid is very natural, therefore there is less chance of side effects and you get a natural result.

Who is the Profhilo® treatment suitable for?

For anyone from about 30 years of age who wants to combat sagging skin. Also for men and women who want a natural skin rejuvenating effect and don’t see the step to a “real” filler (yet). It can also be combined well with a filler or botox treatment or as an adjunct to another treatment.

When can I expect results from Profhilo®?

Two to three treatments are required at one month intervals depending on the degree of skin aging. Because this treatment puts the skin itself to work, you don’t see immediate results. Often you can already see that the skin is better hydrated. From 6-8 weeks after the first treatment, the positive effect is increasingly evident, this is because the production of collagen and elastin takes time.

How long does the effect of the Profhilo® treatment last?

How long these improvements remain visible depends on the condition of the skin. It is recommended to undergo a single treatment once or twice a year to maintain results. After all: the aging process continues.

Are side effects to be expected from Profhilo®?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin. When injected, this substance is extremely well tolerated by the skin. The possible side effects of treatment with Profhilo® are mild swelling, redness and sometimes a few bruises. This is caused by the injections rather than the product itself and will disappear quickly.

Profhilo® has been on the market since 2015 and has since been widely used worldwide, with no side effects other than those mentioned above reported to date. This is due to the fact that it is a very pure form of hyaluronic acid.

Making an appointment for Profhilo®

To schedule a Profhilo® treatment in Amsterdam or Duiven, please call us directly. You can also reach us quickly and easily for a free consultation. If calling is not convenient, you can also fill out the contact form on the appointments page. Our cosmetic doctors welcome you for a Profhilo® treatment in Amsterdam or Duiven.

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