EenVandaag broadcast: Internists applaud losing weight with injections

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Losing weight with injections is the first sustainable way to lose weight

Last night (Nov. 14, 2022) it was revealed on the broadcast of EenVandaag that internists consider losing weight with injections a great success for overweight people. Watch the broadcast below.

Losing weight sustainably is finally possible

The drug ensures that you lose weight sustainably and don’t keep falling into the yo-yo effect. Internist Van Bon expresses her regret that this successful medicine against obesity is only reimbursed for people with a BMI of 35 or higher with additional physical problems and who are already participating in the combined lifestyle intervention. Meanwhile, van Bon also sees a group of patients who choose to pay for the medicine themselves. According to Van Bon, this waste medicine is a huge kickstart to a different life and better health.

No more being preoccupied with food all day

In the broadcast, 49-year-old Fleur van der Klei tells how the waste medicine Saxenda opened up a world for her. Because she was overweight, she developed cardiovascular problems and felt deeply unhappy. Now, because of the drug, she no longer thinks about food all day and her quality of life has greatly improved. Both physically and psychologically, Fleur has been greatly helped by this weight loss drug. “I know that the drug is not a panacea,” says Fleur. “I also exercise weekly and walk a lot. You also have to do this medicine in combination with a healthy lifestyle and see it more as a support for sustainable weight loss.”

The drug makes you feel satiated

The drugs act as an appetite suppressant, Van Bon explains. “In the eating center, the drug creates a feeling of satiety that these people often no longer have. So they can experience peace and are no longer preoccupied with eating all day.” Many people, according to Van Bon, develop severe obesity not only because of lifestyle but also because of hormonal influences, medication or stress.

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