Review: Restylane day cream

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Finding the right day cream is no piece of cake

The Body Clinic asked me to write a review of my experience with Restylane day cream. Because finding a good day cream is not that easy!
A day cream should be an improvement for your skin. I used to have different requirements for my skin when I was younger than I do now that I am getting older. I wanted my skin to feel soft, nourished and easy to spread.

But now, now I have very different requirements.
I am only 29 and the wrinkles are slowly starting to appear. The other day, I was standing in front of the mirror: HUH, WHAT did I immediately think? I suddenly saw a small frown line in the corner of my eye and on the right side, a small crow’s foot was smiling at me. Ok, so now time is really starting to tick. We need to do something!
I myself am not yet open to Botox or Fillers. That doesn’t suit me yet and I consider myself too young. However, I do want to see if a good day cream with the right ingredients can give me a small hand.

I’m actually always pretty skeptical about creams, serums and other products for your face, because nine times out of 10 it’s the expensive packaging rather than the action of the product. At various perfumeries, you are exposed to temptations. Good marketing campaigns and gorgeous saleswomen with perfect skin that are supposed to seduce you. Well, who doesn’t give in to that? On the other hand, I must admit that I am quite sensitive to delicious scents. So when I walk into a perfumery I always hope to walk out without any products, yet somehow I am a weakling. In the end, I would still like to believe that I have found THE unique product that will change my skin forever!

Suddenly there was the Restylane day cream in my bag. Whether I wanted to try those?
Nice packaging, so fragrant and convenient in size. Also ideal for carrying. But what exactly does it do for your skin?

Restylane Day Cream with Protective Factor 15 is a gentle moisturizer suitable for all skin types.
The cream base closely resembles the skin’s composition, strengthening the skin’s natural barrier and providing better protection against pollution and stress. Restylane Day Cream contains active ingredients that improve the skin. With regular use, the skin is better hydrated, smoother, more beautiful and protected from UV rays.

The technology behind Restylane

By adding hyaluronic acid stabilized with NASHA™ technology, the cream provides improved and long-lasting hydration. The crystalline NASHA particles make the skin glow and fill in small wrinkles.

Sorry, did you say wrinkles there? I can’t start testing early enough!!! Bring it on.
I will use the Restylane cream every day for a week to see what it does to my skin.

Day 1:

The packaging comes off and in no time there is a blob on my palm. The cream spreads very well. How nice it smells, too!

Day 2:

I’m in a hurry because it’s always stress in the morning. Fortunately, a day cream is the foundation under my makeup.
It absorbs quickly, so a powder can easily be put on afterwards.

Day 3:

I see that my skin is definitely nourished, it is soft, rich in nutrients and it starts to glow.

Day 4:

My daily ritual with my new friend does not bore me yet! Especially now that I do see that the cream is going to be a favorite. I know the weather is going to be nice, so I’m curious to see if it protects my skin well from the sun. Factor 15 is indicated on the packaging, so it may start delivering on its promises.

Day 5:

My skin does not feel tight after a day in the sun, which is what I had in mind. Of course, I also applied with sunscreen. Heliocare 360is my favorite sunscreen. This spray is easy to use, also spreads wonderfully and absorbs quickly.

Day 6:

The week is almost over and my sometimes-somewhat-impure skin really does seem less.
That’s what I want!

Day 7:

Of course you understand that a week is just too short to get the best results. But I am definitely happy with this cream. I believe there will be a long-term result. So all the advice applies: always clean your skin, use a good day and night cream, and sometimes a mask to perk up your skin.

Will you also try it out?


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